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About TQ DIGITAL Entertainment

TQ Value

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Fuzhou, provincial capital of Fujian, China, TQ Digital Entertainment always sticks to self-development and has become one of the first-class game development companies in China through unremitting efforts. With top-grade game development capabilities and outstanding achievements, TQ Digital has been well recognized and appreciated by people from all walks of life. It has been granted the “Award for Chinese Game’s Overseas Expansion and listed among the“Top 10 Excellent Game Developers in China by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC and the Ministry of Information Industry for four consecutive years.

For many years, TQ Digital has been concentrating on building its core competitiveness mainly through independent innovation. In terms of technological development, the company has self-developed the 2D engines and 3D engines, and has spent a great deal of money introducing the motion capture device and the advanced game development engine - Unreal Engine 3. TQ Digital is capable of developing various online games, no matter from the perspective of technology or man power.

While improving its self-development power, TQ Digital also lays stress on the communication and cooperation with the overseas companies, with its business scope covering 6 language areas (including English, French, Spanish, etc.). The company has attended the American E3 Expo, which is said to be the game industry’s “Oscar Awards and cooperated with numerous foreign game tycoons like Ubisoft, Disney and EA, marking the domestic games historic step into the overseas market. In the second half of 2008, TQ Digital successfully launched the traditional Chinese versions of Eudemons Online and Zero Online in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. What’s more, it managed to release Eudemons Online’s Indonesian version in Indonesia, and had Zero Online march into the Vietnamese market in 2009.

Thanks to the brand-new management philosophy and rich business experience, the young TQ Digital has grown up rapidly. The company is now working to develop online games featuring different styles, striving to accumulate more game development experience and thus present gamers with world-class online games.